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niyokiJames 1:2 (NLT) ‘Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.’


I used to often ponder why would God allow this scripture to make it in the bible.

Why would I ever ‘count it all joy’ when I am living in a reality of trouble?

Especially when this trouble is causing me so much anguish and pain. I know that in the famous words of Frankie Beverly he sings about ‘Joy and Pain are like sunshine and rain’. So can it be possible to live a life of joy while experiencing pain? It took me some time to really reflect on this and then I read the next verse that says ‘knowing that the testing of our faith produces endurance’.

S,o I began to understand that the deep underline feeling of joy comes as we go through the trials of life, with God’s help, and a deeper faith is being produced in us. So, although I may not feel happy due to the pain I may be experiencing, I can be joyful because as a child of God I know that he is working something in and around me that is for my good.

You know back in the day when you would skin your knee and your momma would put alcohol on it?


My, would it hurt but she did it because it was good for you. It was important for the safety of that wound and for the healing of it.

Obviously, We are not going to run around town flipping cartwheels when We are in pain or going through trouble but I can have joy…unspeakable, deep down in my soul because I KNOW that God is working everything for my good because he loves me and I am His own.

Niyoki (Nie-yo-kee), an African name meaning “serious minded and responsible,” was given to her by her mother. At age five, Niyoki began performing with her parents and siblings in the White Family and remained with the group through high school. They recorded five albums and toured the Midwest and Southeast on weekends and during the summer, opening for such established artists as Shirley Caesar, The Williams Brothers, The Highway QC’s, The Canton Spirituals, and The Truthettes. Niyoki and her three sisters went on to form an R&B group called Milenia, which led to them singing backgrounds and opening shows for Prince. After a while, Niyoki took time off to pray and recorded her debut solo project, ‘My Everything,’ released on D2G Records in Nashville, Tenn. The lead track, “He’s Here,” was named the 27th most-played gospel song of 2007 by R&R (Radio and Records). Niyoki’s sophomore project ‘REST’ spawned the chart-topping hits “Joy” and “Never Gave Up,” which radio continues to enjoy and play regularly. Niyoki eventually returned home to Fort Wayne, Ind. to accept a position in the music department at Union Baptist Church where she presently works as the Ministry department head. Niyoki signed with Uncle G records this summer and will have new music coming out soon.

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