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10/08/14 –

Dear Tom,

On September 17th an electrical fire broke out in the kitchen of a home that my fiancé, my two young sons and I are renting.  Incredibly, we had just moved in on September 1st.   Thankfully, we all made it out safely.  However, all of our furniture and personal belongings throughout the house was destroyed by fire and smoke.  We pretty much lost everything we had.

The landlord we are renting from has insurance and will use it to repair the kitchen and fix whatever was fire damaged.  I am told he is not responsible for our destroyed possessions.  I do have renter’s insurance.  However, it will only cover some of our hotel stay and they offered to dry clean our clothes to remove the smoke smell.  It falls on my shoulders to replace everything else—which is tough since I only work part-time and we used our savings to move a few weeks ago.

Mr. Joyner, we will probably be living in the hotel we are staying for a few more months while repairs are being made.  My children are having a hard time adjusting to all the recent changes.   Especially, my youngest son, who is deaf and doesn’t understand.  It is my Christmas wish to help them by replacing some of their loved toys, books and leap frog learning games for my little guy and when we return to the house, it would sincerely help if you could replace their bunk-bed and dressers and some of our living furniture.

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