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Is it normal now for women to ask guys to marry them, or is it still considered weird?

The problem with coming to any common conclusions about what goes on in relationships is that they’re so specifically private, even for couples who like to demonstrate their love for each other in public (Jay Z and Beyoncé; those married friends who post on each other’s Facebook walls with such abandon and veracity that it’s reasonable to wonder if they ever say things just to each other, or, if they have sex). If it would be “normal” or “weird” for you to propose depends on the microclimate of your own relationship, which only you and your boyfriend could possibly know about.

“Normal” vs. “weird” is always going to be an impossible and kind of dumb paradigm anyway, because, like, normal to who? Weird to who? (It’s probably supposed to be “whom” in both of those cases, but guuuuh.) Generally speaking, sure, we can say that it’s still considered pretty weird, and would probably be considered weird by your friends and family. Maybe not weird-weird, like bad-weird, but surprising and less common than a dude on one knee, sure.

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