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Beyonce Nicki Minaj

In case you were living under a rock or didn’t log on to the Internet this weekend, Beyonce released a surprise remix of “Flawless” that has many people, including #TeamBeautiful readers, in a tizzy. The rambunctious track, that features the (self-proclaimed) Queen of Rap Nicki Minaj, has Beyonce rapping–yes, rapping–about the infamous elevator fight (and other things like her “baby mama” assets and being the s**t. )

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The lyrics were shocking, but we were more surprised by the reaction from you all on #TeamBeautiful’s Facebook. We totally love to hear our readers’ opinions and have always been interested in hearing why you all feel the way you do. Well, this weekend, beauties, some of you explained, and commented under the “Flawless” remix story with critiques, comparisons and why you may have preferred the original version of Flawless with Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche on her album.

Here’s what some of you had to say:

“Beyonce and Nicki M are both pretty women. This song takes Beyonce down a notch of decency. She degraded herself big time. One would already expect that of Nicki M.” — Kathy Williams

Love it…it’s real and raw…the stuff you want to say but you don’t…so they are saying it and can get away with it. Nicki…did her!” — Tracie Whitaker

“*shaking my head* I knew it was going to be horrible before I even pressed play. Yup, just about that. There are quite a few billionaires who don’t let s**t “escalate” on an elevator. Beyonce’s rap is saying the same thing she said on her album, and actually the one on the CD is better. And Nicki’s verse? I still can’t understand why she made a point of talking about how she writes her rhymes. They’re awful. Did ANYBODY hear Remy Ma’s newly released track “They Don’t Love You More”? That one track was better than Nicki’s entire career. *waving wrist* Carry on. I REALLY REALLY preferred the classier version. I think she still is classy, but I see why The Dream said what he did (on The Breakfast Club). Somebody is in her ear telling her being gangsta and ratchet is somehow cooler. We’ve got enough of that on reality TV. She’s a breath of fresh air when she took the high road.” — Shamontiel Vaughn

“If being a billionaire causes elevator fights, the family that owns Walmart would be mixing it up every time they saw an elevator. I like Beyoncé, and I think she has maximized her talents in the marketplace. However, her music has become predictable. The only thing her music seems to focus on is materialism and her physique. Like her husband, she has chosen style over substance.” — Sharon Avery

“Beyonce can do no wrong in my eyes these days. I’m loving the “f**k y’all that gotta problem swag”. But still threw a lil empowerment in there with thee

I want everyone to feel like this. #FLAWLESS” — Jazzy Belle

“No tea, no shade, but after so much hype, this track was a let down. The fans deserved an original, tightly written, freshly produced song. A billion dollars in the elevator blah, blah, blah, but what happened in the studio??? It seems (like) if u want good music, you gotta keep these artists hungry.” — Rachel Fambro

Let us know what you think, beauties, by taking our poll. Do you like the remix or do you prefer the original?


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