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07/16/14 –

Dear Tom,

I am a 39-year-old, single mom of three children; a daughter, ten and two sons, twelve and seventeen. My kids and i have been through so much lately. Recently, we suffered the loss of two, loving aunts close together, who were very involved in our family.

Then, we had to move suddenly into a less expensive apartment after the rent was raised beyond what i could handle. This set-back hurt me immensely and i haven’t been able to get on my feet since. Now, just keeping food on our table and a roof over our heads has been difficult, no matter how hard i work.

I would like to start early getting my children ready for the new school year.   However, without your assistance that won’t be possibleIt is my Christmas wish to ask for your help to get their uniforms, school supplies, backpacks and food and treats for packed lunches. This little ray of sunshine would be a nice change for them.

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