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Will your secretarial position the ad agency have him seeing stars in the supply closet after hours?

You choose your career path because of what inspires, delights and challenges you. It’s what you’re most passionate about or, at the very least, what you’re most passionate about at this very moment. And your career choices say a lot about you; people base their opinion off of you by the profession you’re in… including guys.

Does tenure as a kindergarten teacher make you sweet and cuddly in the eyes of your man? Or do lawyers really turn them on? Will your secretarial position at an ad agency have your guy seeing stars in the supply closet after hours? Surprisingly, we found that guys are paying more attention to your career choices than we’d ever thought.

What do guys really think of teachers?

Jamel, 27, says that when he thinks of teachers, he thinks of his mom, but not in the way you’d expect. “My mom has been a kindergarten teacher my whole life — and I have so much respect for her. I know how physically and emotionally demanding that position can be. After bad and good days, she’d come home and still find time to hang out, laugh and provide for my three brothers and me. So dating a girl that’s a teacher would be a huge bonus for me.”

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