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Do guys want to get married? What holds them back? Guys get honest about getting married with us.

Our parents did it, our grandparents did it — and it seems like every time you turn around, another one of your friends is taking the forever leap with the man or woman of their dreams. Marriage. The white dress, the vows, the cake-cutting, the “I dos” — the whole charade teeters on the commitment two people make to have, hold and see each other through sickness and in health, to love one person, forever and always, until death do you part.

But are guys really all that keen on getting married? And does he really know if you’re the one? We asked guys to spill when it comes to the biggest commitment of a lifetime.

Is Finding The One Even Possible?

James, 27, says that finding someone to spend your life with is the goal — but that she doesn’t have to be “The One”. “There’s too much pressure on couples,” he says, “to find this ‘one’ person who you’re meant to spend your whole life with. And what if you don’t find them? Or what if you find someone that you love and you’re not sure if they’re the one? They don’t give you a guidebook for that. So it’s hard.”

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