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Are we obsessed with good looks?

I’m asking because of the questions I’ve been fielding over past few days from friends, family members and even strangers.

Let’s start with the world cup.

Yes some people, the diehard fans, love the game.

But let’s just be honest, a whole lot of the bandwagon jumpers just love looking at the players.

From women to gay and straight men to the “questionable,” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “oh my god, such and such is so hot,” or “dude, I want abs like so and so.”

Just before my show last night on CNN a very respected, political strategist called me and said, “Have you been paying attention to these soccer guys?”i

My answer, “I love you, but I’m about to go on air. Can’t talk. And yes I have.”

Her response, “they’re so hot, I can’t stop watching.”

My answer, “goodbye.”

All last week and this weekend all anyone was talking about was the hotness of Ronaldo, Bekerman, Naymar, Zusi, and get this – wait for it- Meeks.

Jeremy Meeks, the hot mug shot guy.

As a culture we are obsessed with good looks and hotness.

And in my humble opinion we are pushing the limits on style or looks over substance.

There’s no doubt mug shot guy and the soccer players are easy on the eyes.

But do mug shot guy’s dreamy eyes and cheek bones trump his violent criminal past and present, his alleged street gang affiliation?

Are Ronaldo’s chiseled abs and rock hard pecs more important than his athletic prowess?

Who knows?

But I did spend hours this weekend text messaging my 20-something nieces about mug shot guy.

And like most of you, I did watch every single minute of the World Cup, cheering in a room full of strangers.

So, if you ask most of the new fans that team USA played, they will probably have no idea.

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