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Every time it looks like DMX will make it out of the financial wilderness he’s been stranded in, something happens to keep him there. The beleaguered rapper’s ex-wife Tashera Simmons recently got approval to get DMX’s royalty checks garnished to pay off his back child support.

According to court documents, Tashera Simmons will get $15,000 a month from DMX’s royalty checks. X, real name Earl Simmons, receives monthly royalty checks from Universal Publishing and whereas he had the power to govern his money the way he saw fit, he now will be governing a lot less money.


The documents also break down what the monthly fifteen thousand dollars should be used for. Tashera Simmons is to use ten thousand dollars a month for child support. However, the other five thousand was earmarked as “other” which sounds like unofficial alimony to us, but we’re not attorneys.

DMX and Tashera Simmons have four children together. DMX has more children outside of their failed marriage so after his eldest children get their $10,000, he still has to take care of the other kids he has. Hopefully, he has more than his royalty checks to rely on for income.

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