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1. Dads inspire us to be ambitious and less traditional. You may not think it’s a big deal that your dad does the cleaning and housework around the home, but considering society’s prescription of gender “appropriate” chores, if your dad is the one behind the vacuum then he’s really doing you a favor in the long run. Studies prove that the daughters of men who were all for playing the domestic role around the house are more likely to be ambitious, less likely to conform to traditional gender specific careers, and they make more money. Your dad may preach gender equality, and that’s great! But if he practices it at home, too, then everyone wins.

2. Dads set the bar high when it comes to future relationships. People always say that women tend to date men who are very similar to their fathers, and there’s a biological reason for it. As psychologist, Tanya Byron explains, “A daughter’s first bonding with any man is with her father, and that imprints on her so strongly that any later relationships with men are filtered through that experience… We subconsciously gravitate towards a man who treats us like our father treated our mother, or us.” Of course, no man will ever be as great as your dad, but if you can find a close second, then you’re good to go.

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