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Listen Live Graphics (Indy) you’re having a difficult time believing that it’s almost summer, join the club. Parents all over the Country are asking themselves the same question: “Where has the time gone”? It seems like only yesterday that children were just starting the school year. Now there are only weeks or days remaining before the summer break begins.

Before your child gets settled into their summer vacation, there are four things you should do prior to the last day of the school year.

1.  Review

Don’t let the school year end without reviewing your child’s successes and failures, progresses and setbacks. Make it a top priority to conduct a review with each teacher and every administrator. Not only should you assess your child’s academic performance, you should get a clear picture of the way others view your child.

Remember, teachers and administrators have the potential of serving as employment references or being deposed as character witnesses. How others view your child really matters. If a teacher or administrator views your child positively, go ahead and ask for a letter of recommendation during your review. It’s never too early to start putting together your child’s resume.

2.  Request

What good is a review without an action plan? Make sure that each teacher provides your child with a written action plan. The findings of the 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress should be the alarm which notifies African American parents that our children have a lot of work to do this summer.

The Nation’s Report Card reveals that only 7% of African American students wereproficient in math and only 16% of African American students were proficient in readingBeing proficient in math and reading are mandatory in today’s global and technologically advanced society. Life’s journey has enough trials and tribulations without adding math and reading incompetency to the list of challenges.

Don’t let the school year end without making sure your child is not included in the 93% and 84% of African American children who are incompetent in math and reading. Before the school doors close get a detailed plan outlining the actions needed to raise the math and reading proficiency of your children.

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