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1. You begin to feel apathy…

for the marriage and for your spouse. You feel your love for your husband or wife disappearing, not because you feel angry or hurt, but because you feel nothing. If the flames have turned to ambers and the ambers are burning out, you relationship is definitely at risk.

2. You’re negative about your spouse. 

All your conversations with friends and family members about your spouse are negative. You find yourself focusing on what your spouse does wrong and have difficulty identifying what your spouse does right. You only seek out friends and family who agree with your point of view and validate your negative feelings.

3. You begin to avoid being home with your spouse.

You find yourself making plans with friends, having drinks with colleagues after work, or worse, having an affair. If you are spending all your free time with others with the intention of avoiding your spouse, you have already disengaged. At this point, you may prefer to avoid the marital issues rather than address them. This will definitely lead to the relationship’s demise if this behavior continues.

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