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R&B singer Miki Howard is still speaking out on her son, Brandon’s, claims that Michael Jackson is his father. The mess started earlier this month when a DNA test was done that proved that there was a 99.9% chance the King of Pop is Brandon’s father. Since then, it has been stated that the DNA test was bogus but it obviously doesn’t end there because now there’s speculation that Joe Jackson is indeed the father.

In her most recent interview on the topic, Miki opened up about who she believes is Brandon’s father– and it’s someone who has been there from the beginning.

“It’s just you know if you want to know who the baby daddy is I told you I’m the baby daddy. I did everything. I was the one to teach him how to tie a tie. I was the one up all night. I was the one at the ER…”

Brandon Howard Michael Jackson

She also slightly shaded Side Effect crooner Augie Johnson, who recently said that he is indeed Brandon’s father.

“This whole thing has been so devastating to the children. Augie has a lot of children. I won’t dignify any of what he did or said you know that’s just bad.”

Howard added that she’s not quite sure why this whole ordeal concerning who Brandon’s father is the center of headlines lately.

Honey, you’re guess is as good as mine,” said Miki, “I woke up and then this stuff was all over the place…once you start talking about certain things that are personal and private then you can’t ever stop. There are more things than a situation with Brandon you know people have lives you just don’t talk about that.”

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Source: EURWeb