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Omar Epps has a few choice words for the people who were hating on his wardrobe selection he rocked during his appearance on”The View” Monday. For those who didn’t see, the “Resurrection” actor decided to wear a leather kilt with pants underneath. Of course he got lots of backlash and people who didn’t necessarily think it was the best choice.

He took to his Instagram to address it.

He put this picture and added the following caption:

It’s sad that we as African-Americans are so disconnected from our true roots, our heritage & our lineage that most can’t see the forest for the trees. For me, it’s about celebrating and honoring our ancestral history thru actions. I walk on the shoulders of the ancients. And we’ve become so disconnected from our African roots that we give credit to others (who came long after) for “creating” that of which was our natural culture to begin with. We should embrace our history and be proud of our heritage!#FactsOverFashionStatements#RealityCrushesPerception #3rdEyeClarity

Well alright then! In case you missed what caused the uproar, check it out in the video below: