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Reunite with your ex if….

You are willing to work on the issues from the past: Getting back with an ex is different than starting a relationship fresh because something has already gone wrong. You know each other and you love each other, but things still ended (probably badly cause why else would they end?). So, you need to ask yourself: can I (or we) fix what was broken?

If the answer is “yes” the odds are in your favor of a successful reconciliation. Still, words aren’t as important as actions: just don’t say you are willing to work on things, but prove it through your actions as well.

Reunite with your ex if….

At the root, there’s love: Perhaps the most important factor in deciding whether or not to reconcile is whether or not – at the root of the relationship – there is love. If there isn’t – if your relationship mirrors that of the coyote and the road runner (albeit with less acme rockets) – then your decision has made itself.

But, if there is love, if you love them and they love you, then there is always hope. A relationship rooted in love has the best chance of flourishing.

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