Right at the peak of his career Paul George has found himself in the middle of potential baby mama drama. The Pacers star spoke out for the first time earlier Friday regarding allegations that he paid a woman $1 million to abort his child. While he does coyloy admit there is a possibility that the child he is, he did say that he wants proof that the child is his first.

“If and when there is any legal confirmation that I’m the father, I’ll embrace it. I’ll step up to it. It’s still being sorted out and what not. I just ask that you respect my privacy.”

When asked if he thought he was the father, he said, “We gotta wait.”

In other Paul news, he has been confirmed to be in the All Star Game’s Dunk Contest in New Orleans, LA Feb. 15th. He’s already slated to be a starter for the actual game as well.

(Source: Indy Star)

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