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Joshua Black*Joshua Black knows most people don’t approve of him calling for the execution of President Barack Obama. And just so your clear, he doesn’t care.

Black, a Republican candidate for Florida’s state house, caused a stir when he tweeted on Monday that “It’s time to arrest” Obama and “hang him high.”

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Speaking with Tampa’s Fox Channel 13, Black maintained his stance on Obama, saying that the commander-in-chief is a war criminal and traitor who should be executed by “whatever method is applicable for the situation.”

“I know that we don’t use hanging as a method of execution here in the U.S. anymore, so be it,” the politician told Channel 13, when the channel caught up with him in a Wal-Mart parking lot. “Whatever method is applicable for the situation, I just want justice to be served.”

Black’s controversial tweet created an instant backlash among those in his own party as Republicans in Florida have denounced him, with one GOP member calling him an “embarrassment.” In addition, Black has also been questioned by the Secret Service.

Among Black’s critics is his Democratic opponent in District 68 who simply expressed that “it’s pretty evident he is not someone who is serious or responsible or appropriate to run for public office.”

Despite all the heat leveled at, Black admits his only regret concerning the tweet is the means of killing the president. In Black’s eyes, Obama is culpable in the drone killings of purported al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki, a U.S. citizen based in Yemen. A drone strike also killed al-Awalki’s son, a raid the Defense Department later admitted was a mistake.

The outcome of that incident was enough for Black to draw a parallel between the president’s handling of the al-Awlaki situation and the man who raised the ire of Black America when was acquitted for killing Trayvon Martin.

“When George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin, he got a trial. And whatever was going to happen came out of that trial,” Black noted. “President Obama kills a 15year-old, somebody else’s teenage son, and gets no trial.”

As for his critics, Black had one simple answer for the people who weigh in with their thoughts on him.

“I don’t care,” the Florida politician simply stated to Channel 13 before responding to whether or not his views could ultimately cause harm to Obama.“Not with all the guns he has around him, no,” Black said. “That’s the whole reason for having Secret Service, that’s the whole reason for having firearms, is personal protection.”

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