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172717320Secret number one – when you want something never tell him to do it – remember 

ladies he's a man - you have to ask.

Secret number two – when you ask for something use that little flirty fun voice - kind of sexy.  

Example – baby I saw this beautiful leather jacket – come with me I want to try 

it on and have you tell me if I look good in it. 

Secret number three - is to make him feel like he's making the decision – men are leaders.

It's in our blood and if we feel that we're leading it makes us feel good and it 

makes us feel like the man.

Secret number four - If you need him to stop by the grocery store - something simple – just say - 

hey baby can you do me a big favor and stop by the store for me? Sometimes it's the 

tone of how you talk to him. Master this ladies - your tone – the way you talk to him – and the 

time that you talk to him - time meaning wait for the perfect opportunity - not when he's tired or 


Use these examples and you can get anything you want from your man.

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