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As 2013 winds down, what’s going to be the popular culture trends of 2014? Has that next ‘thing’ started? let’s look back at what was the popular trends of 2013 as we head to 2014.


This dance move was born out of New Orleans back in ’93—Then the ‘Artist formally known as Hanna Montana’ ruined it. And if I remember correctly, Beyonce’ made the booty bouncin dance move pretty popular in the ‘Crazy in Love’ video.

Twerking got so big that there was a Guinness World Record set for the Booty shaking dance in New York back in September held by Big Freedia.


HASHTAGGING (everything!!)–

This Twitter trend has not only turned into a marketing tool but a badge of honor to whatever group you follow. Dropping that pound sign in front of anything and everything has come to this funny sketch from Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.



The art of crashing one’s photo at that perfect moment is always funny. Look for this trend to continue in more ‘creative’ ways in 2014.





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