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1. DO: Understand that a small gift-something thoughtful, semi-personal, and affordable-is the way to go when you’re dating a brand-new guy.

DON’T: Feel like you have to make a grand gesture. It’s early in your relationship, and there’s no need to put too much pressure on you or your partner by ramping things up too much at the holidays.

2. DO: Check your own expectations. Guys are typically clueless when it comes to this stuff. Remember, life is not like the movies, and most relationships take longer than three weeks or five dates to marinate and make work, so don’t expect a fancy necklace or a friggin’ engagement ring just because we happen to be in the midst of a “magical” holiday season.

DON’T: Worry that his Christmas gift means something about the way he feels about you. Often, dudes are totally clueless about gifts anyway, let alone at the beginning of a relationship.

3. DO: Get him a DVD of a TV show he mentioned he wanted to start watching.

DON’T: Buy him a shiny new DVD player to watch it on.

4. DO: Take him out to dinner

DON’T: Treat him to a weekend away at a swanky hotel. Too much, too soon, ladies.

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