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“Twelve Days of Christmas” is one of the most classic Christmas songs out there. But have you ever wondered how much your true love would have to cough up to get all of these things? Check out the breakdown:

  • Buying just ONE set of one of the gifts mentioned (i.e. Nine Ladies Dancing, Five Golden Rings or Three French Hens) would cost you about $27, 393.
  • If you buy EACH item on the list, which comes to a total of 364, you would be dishing out an estimated $114,651, this is a 7.7 percent jump from last year. This is a big change from 30 years ago when a pear tree cost $19.95. Today, it’ll cost your true love $184.
  • The most expensive item on the list is seven swans. It will cost $7,000 this year, which is the same as they cost in 1984.
  • The cheapest is of course eight mades-a-milking, which runs at a total of $58 or $7.25 each.

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