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148249283Start off slow. 

One of the biggest mistakes people make is jumping right into another relationship right away.  Be friends first.  Make sure you take time for you first – then you will know when you’re ready.Some of the best relationships are when good friends turn it into a love relationship.  

Think forward.

Know that when you start dating someone new – NEW – is key.  Start off new don’t bring the mistakes of your former lover.  Give them a chance to get your trust.   Avoid making the same mistake twice. A good way to do this is to trust you.  If you feel it’s right – then go for it.  If you have the bad feeling then give it more time or get out.

Take chances.

Last but not least, don’t ever be afraid to take a chance on somebody. When people have been hurt in the past, many will ease back into dating with their guard up. Good, solid relationships are formed through open and honest communication. If you aren’t willing to open up to the person you’re seeing, then it will be impossible to build a relationship.

Remember that dating is a two-way street. The person you’re seeing is taking just as much of a chance as you are.  

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