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Here are some tips for being confident while dating.

Remember, comfortable is not the same as confident. To be empowered, you must get in touch with your innermost self and learn to feel certain about who you are and what you stand for. This can pull you squarely out of the “I guess he’s good enough” rut and into a relationship you deserve.

Start small. The more confidence you have in a single area of your life (For example: I am excellent at snowboarding), the more it will seep into other areas of your life. It’s hard to look at the big picture and say, “I WILL be confident in ALL of these things.” So start small, build that confidence.

Fake it until you make it. Sometimes, the very act of approaching a great guy, or making eyes at someone, or taking that first step into dating, can create a cascade effect. The more you do it, the easier it’ll become. And the more confident you’ll become about doing it again.

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