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TEXT: “You have some fries to go with that shake?”

Frankly, I’m shocked a guy has ever resorted to this sort of cliché. Are you dating a man from an early ’90s sitcom? I am genuinely hoping that the guy that texted this to you is kidding. If you suspect he is, feel free to blush and/or feel embarrassed for him because this guy is paying you a compliment in his own way. I’ve actually noticed that (most) men and women have very different ways of offering compliments. A man may say, “You look beautiful tonight,” which is vague compared to a woman’s “I love your soft lips.” I chalk this text up to a guy trying to pay you a specific compliment about your behind, but not knowing exactly how to do it tastefully so he went to the opposite extreme and went jokingly crude. Your response: None. Even if it’s a joke it’s a bad one and doesn’t merit a response. Guys have to learn not to pull this sort of thing and you’re helping society by sending him that message.

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