Believe in what bonds you (source: Bill and Hillary Clinton)

Everyone thought that Al and Tipper Gore were the squeaky-clean couple that would last a lifetime, but in a bizarre turn of events, the Gores are no more and it’s the Clintons who have been married for almost 40 years. We’ve witnessed their highs (usually occurring on the campaign trail at places like McDonald’s) and very public lows (you know what happened). As a young dating dude in the late ’90s, it was eye-opening to learn that people stay together and separate for a million different reasons. And sometimes it’s the weirdos you invite to dinner who spend the entire night arguing who turn out to have the surprisingly durable marriage. Over time, I’ve seen that the Clintons share something bigger than what was, in retrospect, a gigantic but passing disturbance: They both possess unbridled ambition. That love of power seems to have transformed the man who couldn’t keep it in his pants into his wife’s biggest supporter, someone who truly loves and respects her. Understand each other’s goals and long-term desires, and you’d be surprised what you can get through.

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