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*Just when you think you know Tamar Braxton, the loud mouth, opinionated, “drop it like it’s hot” fly-girl and lil’ sis from ‘Braxton Family Values,’ she goes and does a 360.

Uh uh!

The new mom took time out to speak with EURweb recently, and did a role reversal so extreme that at first we had a hard time believing it was really her. What? No No speaking in third person “She?” And though the interview was by phone, we can pretty much assume she wasn’t doing that “pouty-lip thing” she became famous for whenever she disagreed with one of the Braxton family member issues. But in all fairness, we realize that nobody can bend a personality like family, right?

Excited as all get out at the arrival of her and hubby Vince’s new baby boy, Logan; Tamar has never sounded happier.

“Baby Logan is absolutely amazing. He’s a true gift from God,” she tells Lee Bailey. Motherhood is great…I’m loving every moment of it…My mother gives a lot of advice. Toni gives a lot of advice, and I’m making sure I raise my baby to the best of “their” ability (laughs).”

But when Lee asks if she is actually listening to all of the advice she laughs, and doesn’t skip a beat to reply, “Absolutely not! It is definitely causing some sort of a ruckus around here.”

With such a young baby at the time of this interview, Tamar is unsure what the future holds when the question of extending her family further comes up.

“My baby is only 5 weeks today, you know. And we’re really enjoying him. You’ll just have to stay tuned I guess, just like I do. I have no idea.

It’s hard to imagine the woman who we saw not that long ago, swearing off kids because she’s “got stuff to do!” is now a warm and loving mother. Such is the miracle of childbirth. But not only that, Tamar was part of a daily talk show to boot!

“The Real,” a summertime talk-fest was hosted by Tamar and four other strong women with diverse personalities (Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon, Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry-Housley) who got paid to let down their weaves, kick off their shoes, and voice some bold and unyielding opinions. Hats off to Mommy Tamar’s new gig! And when LB asks why she agreed to do the show, the woman could hardly contain her excitement.

“Why? Oh my god, this is the opportunity of a lifetime! To have ‘girlfriend hour’ and to talk about things we all care about; pop culture, sex, food, fashion, you know; things that we really enjoy with our girlfriends,” she said. “This is something I am most proud of to date and so excited to be a part of.”

And who says having a larger than life personality is a bad thing? It continues to be Tamar’s calling card.

“Well you know, I think with the success of “Braxton Family Values” and “Tamar & Vince,” watching my personality on television (laughs) it’s like oh my god, this is the girl we’ve been looking for; (a girl) who has opinions and wants to give her opinions, and doesn’t make any apologies for it,” Tamar says, when asked how she got the gig. And you know when I went on the audition that’s exactly what they got; because I can’t be anything but myself.



“Were you set up to be, well, I don’t want to say the ‘dominant personality’ on the show,” asks LB, making every attempt to be delicate. “I mean, there are some other dominant personalities but, how is that going to work out?

“The Tamar that you see on TV pretty much has to be the little sister who is loud and boisterous just to get her opinion heard; but on “The Real” I get to be Tamar the adult; Tamar the girlfriend; and Tamar the wife. The Tamar that my friends know; because I don’t have to fight to get my voice heard. The girls want to hear what I have to say; and I want to hear what they have to say.”

Tamar says she never wants to be in the position where she is pegged as the person that everybody is centered around. “That’s not fun. That’s not girlfriend hour, and that’s not someone you want to hear from all the time. You know, I’m the girl who doesn’t mind listening to other women’s opinions; learning from them, and getting a different outlook from what they think. “

Wow! Talk about your major come uppance!

Tamar laughs when LB expresses surprise because, as he points out, she appears to be someone who likes being the center of attraction.

“Not at all and definitely not all the time,” she exerts, adding, “And that’s a lot of responsibility!”

If you’re wondering how this new gig fit into a career bent on being fly, making music, doing videos, traveling, and being a wife and mother…well, so are we.

“You know, I never told anyone besides my husband and my agent that my lifelong goal is to have a daytime talk show. I grew up watching ‘Sally Jesse Raphael’ and ‘Geraldo’ (Rivera), and the older ‘Oprah’ days and ‘Donahue.’ These are things I always wanted to be a part of because I loved it,” Tamar recalls and adds, “While the other girls were in the other room playing, I was in the room with my mom watching daytime talk shows (laughs). Just for this to come up, and the interest to be in me, and (people) want to hear what I have to say, and want to get to know me better; it’s a life-changing thing. It’s an honor.”

LB summizes that maybe this was all in the plan; something Tamar readily agrees with. He also suggests that this experience will be something she can hone and use when its time to do “her solo talk show.”

Something Tamar says she’ll take into consideration.

“(Laughs) Well if that’s in the plan, you know, I’ll take that too. But right now I am really enjoying all of the women, and the empowerment that we all represent, and the fun. I just can not wait to share it with the world!”

When asked what she feels her biggest challenge was, she reflects for a moment and then offers what appears to be a very transparent and authentic response.

“The biggest challenge is just all of us remaining [respectful] of each other. Because you know when you get in a forum like this and you agree to disagree, sometimes people can take things home with them and come back the next day and be upset about the day before. The biggest challenge for me is…really honestly, wholeheartedly, letting things go. Respecting someone’s opinion and letting that be just what they think. And moving on.”

Of course LB is skeptical. Well I think it’ll be interesting to see how that works out. (They both laugh)

“I think it’s important for us to do that though,” adds Tamar. “People always say ‘women can never let things go’ and ‘they [are] always holding on to things’ and ‘they always have to fight and argue and be against each other.’ I think we’re all going into this situation not wanting that.”

LB tells Tamar that he feels this will be especially difficult for her (because of her strong opinions) as well as the others, and asks: Will you temper yourself?

“No!” Tamar responds almost automatically. And I don’t think that’s what anyone wants to see. But the other side of that is this is the grown up Tamar. This is the Tamar that is different from ‘Braxton Family Values’ – and being a grown up, you have to take a different stance. You have to take a different role. I’m not interested in fighting with the other women. That’s not fun for me. Arguing and having another opinion with your sisters is totally different than with other grown women that is not your family.”

“The Real” did it’s thing for six weeks this summer, but the women are hopeful they will be back in the Fall.



Article and Pictures Courtesy of EUR Web

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