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Everyone was rushed to the nearest hospital, where most of the family was discharged in a few hours with minor injuries. Given the nature of the accident, that alone is miraculous. The state trooper on the scene said that no one should have walked away. Cadyn, however, was intubated and sent to ICU, still unresponsive. The next several days were a roller coaster of emotions, punctuated by the news that Cadyn had sustained an injury called shear damage, or DAI (Diffuse Axonal Injury). When the neurologist delivered the diagnosis, he warned Nikki not to research it on the web, because the statistics are terrifying. Ninety percent of people with shear damage either die or fall into a vegetative state. Those who do wake up are severely impaired for life. There was absolutely nothing that medicine could do. It would take a miracle for Cadyn to recovery

Family, friends and church members rallied to pray, but the prayer didn’t stop there. Cadyn’s story spread through social media, and soon people from across the country and the world were praying for his healing. Grant shared about the war of faith that waged in their hearts. “We always knew God could miraculously heal people, but knowing something and experiencing something are two very different things. All we could do was pray in the name of Jesus and trust that His power is real.”

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