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Sometimes, life can change in a moment. For the Carroll family, that moment came on Monday, July 15th, 2013 in the form of an 18-wheeler crashing into the rear of their van on the highway. Thus began the family’s greatest test of faith, and the clearest example of God’s miraculous power.

Nikki Carroll began immediately assessing her children. Their ten month old was dangling in his car seat, pressed between the door and the seat. Their three year old girl’s head was millimeters away from being crushed and their 4 year old son was covered in glass, bleeding from his neck. Right away, she knew something was wrong with their oldest son, Cadyn. He was slumped over and unresponsive, and for a moment, Nikki thought he was gone. God didn’t wait to show His faithfulness. A paramedic and a nurse were nearby, as well as a pastor. They diligently helped the family until the ambulances arrived. Complete strangers ran to embrace the children, wrapping them up and treating them like they were their own. Nikki’s husband Grant suffered a head wound and was laying on the glass covered highway, pale and in shock. Although the scene was chaotic, Nikki embraced the truck driver in forgiveness and prayed with him, all while her son’s fate was unknown.

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