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Prosecutors are going after two police officers who forced two drunk women to perform sexual acts on them.

Via BlackMediaScoop:

Officer Franklin Hartley stopped two female drivers in May 2012 after they had left the Vegas Cabaret strip club. Hartley, threatening the two women with arrest, directed them to a nearby parking lot, where another officer, Thomas Merenda, met them. Hartley ordered one of the women to have intercourse with him, while Merenda made a simple request of the other woman: to punch him in the dick.

According to the arrest report, “Officer Merenda asked the victim [name withheld] to punch him in the ‘nuts,’ meaning genital area.” Officer Hartley encouraged the act, by telling the puncher “Tom really enjoys this.”

It took over a year for investigators to uncover this staggering abuse of power — officers Hartley and Merenda were only arrested last week. During the investigation, authorities interviewed different women about Officer Merenda’s sexual preferences. The arrest papers included “testimony from three women claiming Merenda enjoyed sexual pain, with two of the women specifically mentioning the pain of being struck in the groin.”

Both cops are married with children and their families are supporting them. They face up to 15 years in prison.

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