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Answer: It is a commonly held belief that love dwindles as time passes – but that doesn’t mean its true. Love changes the longer you’ve been together, but it doesn’t have to die out completely.Just like it didn’t take you and your partner a few days to fall in love, it didn’t take you a few days to fall out of love either. It took time, neglect, lack of prioritization of the relationship, conflict resolution skills, and a lack of interest in learning and applying what your partner needs to keep things fresh, fun and passionate. Combine these factors over a few months, or even years, and its no surprise that you’ve gone from being lovers to feeling like you’re just really great roommates or friends.We all deserve be happy in their romantic relationships, and you’re no different. Just because you’ve been dating four years, have lost some of the initial spark, and are struggling to feel like you’re in love, doesn’t mean its not possible. What it does mean however is that one of you will have to take the reigns and do some work to fall in love again.