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 Being Inconsiderate

  • If your boyfriend starts to be less considerate than he usually is, this  could be a sign that he is going to break up with you. For example, if he seldom  breaks plans without a good reason, but then simply doesn’t show up when you  make a date to meet him, he might be thinking of breaking up with you. The  reason for this is because he feels less invested in the relationship, and  therefore does not feel as obligated to be considerate. If this is the case, of  course, he probably wasn’t that nice in the first place, so you’re  going to be better off.


  • Everyone fights, but not over everything. If your man starts a fight over  something meaningless, the odds are that something deeper is on his mind.


  • There’s no normal amount for couples to have sex.  But, there is  probably a normal amount that you and your man have sex, as relationships  do have their routines. If you find yourself  having less sex than you before, this can be another indication that he on his way out.

    As with everything, though, it might not be about you. Ask yourself what else  is going on in his life — has be been working hard on a project and coming home  exhausted? Have you been renovating a house together, with him sawing lumber for  several hours after work every day? He might just be tired or otherwise  occupied, so give him some time and space.

Body Language

  • Disconnected body language can also indicate that a breakup is in your near  future. Look out for things like feet facing away from you in social situations,  him patting you on the back when he hugs you, and generally being less intimate  than he usually is. It is easier to break up with someone you’re not often  intimate with, so he might be cutting down on intimacy to make the breakup  easier on both of you.

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