From: Fox59

After a months-long absence, a classic American dessert and snack food, Hostess Brands’ Twinkies, is back on store shelves in Indianapolis.

More than that, the Hostess bakery on the Circle City’s North Shadeland Avenue is back open.

A spokesperson for the new ownership, which took over after the company filed bankruptcy late last year, said more than 125 positions will be filled by the end of 2013.

Customers rushed to stores in late 2012 to buy what they thought would be the last of their favorite Hostess snacks.

While the snacks are returning, they remember their initial shock at the news.

“You didn’t think it was going to really happen and then it happened,” said lifelong Twinkie fan Mark A. Smoot.  ” It was like woah, you really just gonna take away the Twinkie? That’s like taking away Coca-Cola.”


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