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    Remember what it was that started the sparks in the first place. Is your partner extremely spontaneous? Were you attracted to their zest for life?

    Whatever it was, try to spark it again.

    Make an effort to spend more time getting intimate. Sometimes our crazy routines means that there is no longer time for intimacy, which is very important in a relationship.

    By making time to become intimate, you can reinsert passion into your relationship.

    Stop focusing on your partner’s negative traits and look at the positive instead. When we first fall in love with a person, we see no wrong in them. Once that person is constantly in our lives,  we start seeing a whole new side of them.

    Be romantic with each other. Prepare each other an unexpected candlelight dinners, or leave each other fun notes. These are small gestures that used to be done in the beginning of the relationship, and kept the butterflies very much alive.

    Maybe to fall back in love all you need is for your partner to woo you again.

    Share details of your day with your partner. Keep each other involved in your day-to-day, making time to talk about your dreams, goals and expectations. This will remind you of all that you have in common, and what has brought you together.

    It will also ensure that you are making time for each other.

    Pick up a new activity together. Try something you have never done before, which could be anything.  This will help you see a whole new side of your partner that you may come to admire, sparking new feelings of love.