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Sex Drive Stealer  (Messy Bedroom)

What does your bedroom look like right now? Is the bed unmade? Are your dressers piled high with books, magazines and dust? Past research has linked bedroom clutter with unhappiness and mild depression, but some experts take it a step further and say that a messy bedroom could be the cause of a lackluster sex drive.  Women, more so than men, are prone to cognitive distractions—thinking of other things in ways that interfere with sex.

A messy bedroom could increase such cognitive distractions.  It could make you think, “I should really get new curtains,” or “ook at that stack of bills—I hope I already paid the electric!” Mess is a reminder of all the things we haven’t done yet. This can greatly interfere with a sense of calm, which can help women to relax, focus exclusively on their feelings of love and desire, and then get in the mood for sex.

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