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Hold your head up high and keep your shoulders back. Keep your body language open yet also present an air of mystery.

  • Initiate conversation. Sitting in silence is certainly not going to capture a man’s attention. Break the ice by cracking a joke or flat-out asking what he enjoys. Find common interests and discuss them.

  • Listen actively. When asking questions, listen closely to his response. Don’t think of what you’re going to say while he’s talking. Go with the flow of the conversation.

  • Be unpredictable. If you’re always readily available, the chase is over and predictability sets in. Every once in a while, turn down his date offers and let the phone go to voice mail. This air of mystery keeps him guessing and arouses his curiosity.

  • Dress your best. When you look your best, you feel your best. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should go out and splurge on name-brand clothes.

  • Make eye contact. When you catch him looking at you, hold his gaze for two to three seconds with a sly smile on your lips.

  • Smile. Show him that you’re sensual and flirtatious in a feminine way. Gently touch his shoulder when you’re making a point. Run your fingers through your hair. Be polite yet alluring. There is no need for excessive touching. Touch him with your sensuality by being warm,