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200408737-001Things To Do On A Rainy Day

  • The best activity of all – get wet. Jump in puddles of water and make splashes all around.
  • Have a film festival at home. Get all your DVDs and CDs together and watch an assortment of movies.
  • Who said the only place to go camping was outdoors. Pitch a camp indoors. For the purpose, make use of draping sheets.
  • Time to fly paper airplanes! You can get all the waste paper together and have a paper-plane fight at your home.
  • Rainy season is the perfect time to have cookies, with a cup of hot chocolate. Why not make them at home only?
  • On a rainy day, you usually avoid going out. However, nothing can stop from calling your close friends and catching up with them.
  • Play games as a family. It might be board games like monopoly or scrabble.
  • Rainy day, with almost everyone at home, is the perfect time to delve into family history, remember some funny incidents and have a good laugh.
  • A rainy day means not much of natural lighting. Turn off all the lights and have a shadow-puppets show, with your hands and a flashlight.
  • It’s raining today and you cannot go outside. What better than to turn on your PC and start video gaming.
  • Have a picnic right at home. Get mommy to make some cold sandwiches, juice and lemonade for you. Sit down on the floor and have a picnic.
  • It has been ages since you last wrote a letter to your relatives, right? Take out a pen and paper and start drafting the letter right now.
  • What better way to beat water than by drenching yourself in some more for it? Go to the nearest club and have a swim.
  • Rainy season is supposed to be the most romantic season of all. Time to make your loved one feel special.

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