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Day Trips

  • When budget is a concern, daytrips are the ideal solution. Your local area may provide many different ways to spend your days during a vacation. Check out the local area to find different locations for your family adventures. Daytrips eliminate the cost of lodging and air travel for your entire family. Lakes and swimming spots in your local area can provide several days of vacationing fun for the family.

Water and Amusement Parks

  • Visiting world famous amusement parks is one way to spend a family vacation that the kids will enjoy. Large amusement parks, such as Disney World, have hotel accommodations on site for families to spend days enjoying the attractions. Look for packages that include hotel and park tickets for the length of your vacation. Many parks have amusements and attractions that adults can enjoy as well as children.  (Also Visit Kings Island – Hang Out With Karen Vaughn And Her Family – Get For Info On This Site)

Beach and Camping

  • A camping vacation offers families a chance to spend some time together enjoying nature. Camping may also be an alternative to a pricey hotel on a family trip. Renting a recreational vehicle is one option, but many families enjoy the time in nature with tents and sleeping bags. The family can hike, bike and swim in fresh water lakes on a camping trip.

    Beach vacations are a popular choice for family trips. A cottage on the beach for a week usually has a kitchen for cooking at home and a grill for beach barbecues.

City Tours

  • A family trip to a big city offers many cultural experiences for the entire family. Take in a matinee, visit museums, eat in restaurants, shop and visit art galleries while visiting a big city in your state or in a nearby state. A city vacation in a major city can be an expensive trip, but limiting the vacation to a few days can cut the cost.