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Throw yourself a pity party. In the end, realize that the relationship you felt existed was not real. You’re mourning the loss of an idea, not a reality. Allow this to comfort you.

  • Assess your self-esteem. You’ve taken a hit. This is your chance to do you.  Get up and treat yourself like a queen/king.

  • The sooner you face facts and accept the situation, the easier and sooner you’ll be able to move on.  And your ex will see that you have moved on and they might start thinking twice.  But you might not want them anymore,  and wonder why you were even in that relationship.

  • Look to the future.  Look down the line. See yourself happy, healthy and with a partner who loves you for you.

  • Avoid the person. If you are honest with yourself, you realize you cannot be friends with this person, at least not right now.

  • Dig deep. Figure out why you loved someone who didn’t love you back. If this is a pattern, it is a huge red flag for you to explore.

  • Get your groove on.

  • The best revenge is living well – and taking care of you.  Move on and move forward; don’t look back. Create your own happiness. Exercise. Take care of yourself. Reward yourself and accept only those relationships that make you a better person.

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