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  1. Cook breakfast for dad and present it to him on a tray while he is still in bed.
  1. 2

    Bring him the morning newspaper and let him read it in peace.

  2. 3

    Clean up the dishes as a family and leave dad to relax in bed.

Day at the Spa

  • 4

    Call your local spa ahead of time and get an appointment for dad.

  • 5

    Treat him to a full beauty regimen of a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure.

  • 6

    Ask the spa specialist to give dad some tips on maintaining his appearance, or future treatments that he might be interested in.

  • 7

    Schedule a monthly appointment for dad to keep him in tip-top shape.

Write a Poem

  • 8

    Write a poem expounding on all of the things that make dad so special.

  • 9

    Bring dad into a quiet room and have the children read the poem to him.

  • 10

    Capture the moment with a camera so that the memory of the special day can be enjoyed for many years to come.