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Act confident. Confident women are extremely attractive to men. Look him in the eyes when you talk to him.

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    Touch him once in a while but don’t cling. Men don’t like clingy women.

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    Compliment him during conversations but don’t go overboard. Say things like, “That’s a really smart choice” or “That’s a great idea.” Men like to feel smart and important but they’ll see through shallow compliments like “Your eyes are so beautiful.”

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    Refrain from contacting him every day when you just start dating. Let him contact you. If he really likes you, it will drive him nuts that you are not calling him right away. Playing hard to get really does work.

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    Place your dates with him on your calendar. Make him wait a few days to see you. Again, if he really is interested it will drive him crazy to wait.

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    Hold off on sleeping with a man for as long as you can. The good guys actually do respect women who respect themselves.

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    Refrain from using the “Love” word until you both are ready to say it. Saying it right away will send men running.

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