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Joseline Vs. Che Mack

Before Che Mack began to apologize to Joseline, I knew it wouldn’t end well. We’ve all been witness to her anger and Stevie is VERY well aware of it as well. So when Che Mack decided to confront the Puerto Rican princess, we knew it was about to go down (and we saw the previews). Poor Che Mack, Joseline dissed her in every variation with the mention of “brace face” she could. She even threatened to kick her in her braces! After washing her hands with the situation, Joseline pretended to walk away then hit Che Mack in the face. All h*ll broke loose and Joseline had to be pulled out of the strip club.

Joseline Punches Che Mack & K. Michelle Brings Out Mimi’s Liquid Courage! [L&HHATL Recap]  was originally published on

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