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VH1′s ” Gossip Game,” Mona Scott-Young’s newest reality-TV venture, aired its season finale last night. While the series received mediocre reviews from critics, cast member and The Source editor-in-chief Kim Osorio said the most hurtful remarks were not about the show’s content but criticism over she and her co-star’s physical appearance.

“One of the criticisms I heard about our show a lot of times was the way we look. I feel like I just look like a regular person, but when you’re on TV, people expect you to be extra glamorous and you have to dress a certain way, and it’s all about image and style,” the journalist said during an interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine.

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“I’ve heard people critique how we look as a cast… ‘Oh, they’re not skinny enough to be on TV. They’re not pretty enough to be on TV…’ I just think that does a disservice to all of the stuff we’ve heard in the past about what people want from reality TV,” she added.

The 38-year-old mother of three went on to say that she’s tired of people classifying averagely shaped women as overweight.

“We’re tired of seeing these housewives and women who are dating people and that’s how they earned their way on TV.’ Well, if you’re tired of it, then don’t knock down the fact that we’re a show of women who may not be a size 2,” she said.

One of the most famous critics has been “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez. During a recent radio interview, the Puerto Rican princess said they all look “just sloppy and nasty.”

“They need to get they a** in the gym,” she said.

In response, Kim said she isn’t bothered by the negatively but she can’t say the same for her some of her cast mates. “I felt a way about some of the things people were saying to other cast members. It’s hurtful when you say things like that,” she explained.

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