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When our kids are young, Mother’s Day shopping gets a little tricky. We either have to front them the money for our own gift or be prepared to LOVE whatever gift they make, find or buy with their own meager allowances.  If we’re good moms, we accept what they give us because it comes from the heart.

Does something change if they become, let’s say, Kobe Bryant rich?

People seem to think so.  In case you haven’t heard, the NBA super star is in a bitter battle with his mom Pamela Bryant over a deal she made with an auction house. Kobe is trying to stop her from selling his collectible items including a signed All Star basketball, a Lakers Jacket, trophies etc., because he claims her only son gave the stuff to him, and he claims it still belongs to him. And the backstory goes a little deeper. It’s alleged that Kobe’s mom needs the $450,000 advance she’s received from the company to buy a new home.

A lot of people have asked “why doesn’t Kobe just buy his mom a new house”?

Reportedly, Kobe has been very generous with both his parents, in the past, but in his words, how much is enough?

Athletes from a young age are under a lot of pressure to take care of their families. Before they’re out of middle school, their parents hear comments like, “you’re going to be set for life once he goes pro.”

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