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    Relationships can work

  1. Step 1

    Build your own self esteem. If you are proud of your accomplishments, of who you are, what you have done, how you hold yourself, show it and have confidence in yourself. Allow your partner to realize that you are an individual and should be treated as an individual. You must also respect your partner as an individual.

  2. Step 2

    Keep lines of communication open. If you have differences, talk them out with one another. A failure at communication may result in the couple finding it difficult to accept differences between the partners. Try to be genuine and straightforward in communicating with others this will help resolve conflicts

  3. Step 3

    Let your significant other have their space, your significant other should also allow you to have your own interests. Remember that individual tastes and preferences are in everyone of us, no two people like the same things all the time.

  4. Step 4

    Accept and respect the likes and dislikes of your partner, and your partner should do the same for you. It is not a one way street, where you agree with everything that partner does or says. Each person is allowed to have their own opinion, listen to what the other person is saying and if you disagree, talk about it. You may not like baseball, and your partner may not like your favorite television show. Learn how to give a little to get a lot in return

  5. Step 5

    There are times when you live separate a life, then there are times that you are a couple. Remember what attracted you to each other, build on those characteristics and traits, enjoy the time that you have together and enjoy the time that you are apart.