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Stallion Booty vs. Donkey Booty

After a long season of planning, it was finally time for Kenya and Phaedra to film their booty work out videos, separately. They arrived at the set and of course the jabs start immediately. Phaedra made jokes that Kenya’s butt was fake and made of silicone while Kenya said that Phaedra was fat and shouldn’t be making work out videos in the first place. Sigh, how old are these ladies again?

When filming began, Phaedra’s video looked like an absolute joke. She wore a bright green jumpsuit and danced around like she was making a home video instead of a professional workout tape. When Apollo stepped on the set, he did even worse than Phaedra and they had to keep stopping and re-shooting to get things right. Dare I say that Kenya’s workout video might actually be better than Phaedra’s? Well at least it looked more professional and might actually help someone get that nice, plump stallion booty that we’re all striving for.

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