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Porsha Opens Up About Her Miscarriage

Porsha and Kordell have been trying to start a family for quite some time now and it was putting a lot of stress on Porsha. She decided that she would go and have a talk with her therapist (who happened to be the same therapist that the Braxton sisters use) and fill her in on her pregnancy problems. She told the therapist about her prior miscarriage and how much it hurt her as a woman. She also revealed that she never discussed the miscarriage with her husband because she felt that he wouldn’t understand how she felt because he was a man. She told the therapist that she wanted to have more children but didn’t want to feel alone in her pregnancy and didn’t want to go through more hurt. Before Porsha considered having a baby with Kordell she should first figure out if she was willing to give up her career to be a stay at home mom and wife and tend to Kordell’s every beck and call because we all know Dictator Kordell would not allow Porsha to be a working-mother under his watch.

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