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This week on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” it was all about the booty workout video as Kenya and Phaedra both started filming their videos, separately. On the other side of town, Nene and Gregg were falling back in love with each other and discussing rekindling their marriage, Porsha visited a therapist about her pregnancy problems and Kandi was expanding her “Bedroom Kandi” empire. Check out the recap below.

Is Walter Really Stalking Kenya?


We picked up this episode at Kandi’s housewarming where Kenya was just informed that Walter was in the building. Of course, Kenya being the drama queen that she is, believed that Walter was truly stalking her and wanted to leave Kandi’s party ASAP to avoid any run ins with her ex-boyfriend. Kandi’s manager eventually had to escort Kenya out of Kandi’s party before she started twirling and things got really ugly. Later in the episode, Kenya met up with Cynthia and Miss Lawrence to discuss Kandi’s party. She told them that Walter’s presence made her uncomfortable and that she didn’t want him around her and her friends anymore. Cynthia told Kenya that she would have suck it up because Walter was going to be around considering that he was now one of the guys. Surprisingly, Kenya appreciated Cynthia’s advice and decided that she should probably move on and let it go. Clearly Kenya was trying to stay on Cynthia and Nene’s good side. Birds of a feather flock together.

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