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This one is really the key. This is it, the X factor. So much so in fact I almost wanted to make it the last step, only because I could really end this whole article right here.  Rule #1: If he doesn’t call you… all!! He’s really not that into you. Maybe your date went great, maybe there were ‘sparks’ and stars falling, and the moon moving and all of that, but if three or four days later, you’ve dropped your cell phone at least twice because you refuse to set it down for even a second, you’ve almost killed yourself in the shower trying to get to it only to discover it’s your mom calling, and you’ve called your best friend over 500 times just to test the dial tone….and HE still hasn’t called- BABY he’s not going to. F

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    If you send him a text message, or a cute Xoxoxox email, and hours maybe even a day later he still hasn’t responded, or he waits hours or a day later to respond: You are an afterthought. He’s really not that into you. Fact: When a man really wants to be with you, if you text him during surgery, he will respond. If he doesn’t, he has other things occupying his time and attention.

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If at anytime during conversations or even if you’ve been dating a while, you hear the phrase “I’m no good at relationships” or anything to its effect: don’t wait this one out. You are not that ‘special someone’ whose going to completely turn him around! What he’s telling you is, he has no intention on ever being in one, at least not with you, so any time you spend together is simply in the mean time.

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    This one almost goes along with the ‘him not calling you’ scenario and yet it deserves it’s own place: If you have been talking to him, and then days and weeks go by before he out of the blue calls you again, and especially when this happens repeatedly!! He is simply bored. He calls you when he is lonely and bored and already knows you’ll fill the gap. He’s really not that into to you.

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    If he attempts anything, and I do mean ANYTHING (even simple things) other than a kiss on your first date: he’s really  not that into you. If he saw the potential of anything meaningful coming out of the relationship, he wouldn’t even try on the first date, if he does he’s already viewed this one with one single agenda in mind.

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    This is another tricky one: But if he interrupts you often, or changes the topic completely to something more ‘self satisfying’ or if he in no way reacts to the story you are telling: He’s not listening because he is thinking of something else completely because…..he’s really not that into you. Another Fact: When a man REALLY likes you, they record & memorize important details.  Granted it’s usually to be used to their benefit later, but they do it because they really like you and want to impress you by remembering your favorite flower, or the song you turned up in the car, or that Easter is your favorite holiday? If they don’t, they know they will have no use for any of this information later, so they tune it out completely.