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The Caribbean islands is the prime tourist destination for those people who love the warm, tropical waters and the powdery sand of beaches, the fascinating migratory marine animals and coral reef formations, and the most blow trade winds for sports fishing, sailing and regattas. It is the place where almost everything under the sun is worth a cent.

There are numerous places to visit in the Caribbean islands. Many of them have pleased many visitors from around the world, but the following places are the top, most visited spots in this region. So read on to know why they are most-loved.

Islands of Bahamas

Historically named after the Spanish words “Baja Mar,” the Islands of Bahamas has been mistaken by discoverers to be surrounded by shallow seas. Despite this century-old blunder, many have come to learn that the Islands of Bahamas comprise mountain plateaus carpeted with extravagant marine forms and thrived by fascinating deep sea creatures. Its waters are popularly visited for sports fishing, deep-sea diving, pleasure snorkeling and even underwater park strolling. Thus, rich with stunning coral reefs and tropical marine fishes, the Islands of Bahamas has been most esteemed today not for its shallow christening. It is well-liked for the bountiful seas its powdery white to pink sand coasts offer.

Cayman Islands

Like the Islands of Bahamas, the Cayman Islands emerged as well from the abyssal plains of the Caribbean seas. It is most notorious for undersea thrilling adventures like snorkeling, diving and swimming with the fascinating stingrays. Its Stingray City is a vista of underwater creatures that have most-enticed many photographers and videographers from different parts of the world. Plus, amidst the Cayman Brac waters, visitors enjoy the luxury of exploring the only easily-dived sunken Soviet vessel in the western hemisphere.


Renowned for the cordial reception of its natives, Aruba is another world-class destination that encompasses both the natural beauty of the Caribbean waters and the historical spree of geological formations. This is a popular spot for island adventure where astonishing landscapes, terrains, dessert interiors, leeward coasts and coastlines attract many visitors. Its parks are sanctuaries for many Caribbean rare and exotic animals and its hills are packed with migratory species. It is as well a place for island cove adventures where sunbathing and family picnics are most enjoyed.


As depicted in many Jamaican songs, the vast culture of this third largest Caribbean island is another magnet to many tourists. Its splendid attractions are rich with the magnificent early English and Spanish past and endowed with the stunning water places like harbors, rivers, waterfalls, ports, lagoons, bays and beaches.

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