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imagesLove your singleness. Being in a good relationship can be great but it does take work. So think about all the marvelous benefits of being single, from not fighting over the TV remote control to being able to keep your living space as clean or as messy as you’d like. The “couples” messaging is strong but it isn’t a reflection of the full reality of how people choose to live their lives; don’t fall for the hype that everyone’s paired off and happy as a result. There are many very happy single people but it’s just not currently fashionable to cover the happiness of being single in media or political discourse.

  • Write a list of all the good points about being single. For example, free time, no compromises on the homefront, less responsibilities, etc.  Focus on the benefits rather than seeing drawbacks.
  • If people choose to rub your “singleness” in your face on Valentine’s Day, be strong and reply with compassion: “I like being single. I get to choose how I want to live without having to make compromises, meals, or even the bed.” And you might wish to mention that statistics reveal that half the community is single, with 51 percent of women, for example, living without a spouse.

Be happy within yourself regardless of your relationship status. Enjoy you – Do something for you – If you have you together – When this great guy finds you – You will be ready.

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